Hi! My name is Stefan Burgerhout

Living near the west coast of The Netherlands. A town named Hillegom. It is in the hart of the bulb region near cities like Haarlem, Leiden and places like Noordwijk, Zandvoort. Once a year one of the best places to shoot colourful flowers like tulips and hyacinths. Living near the coast can bring you amazing sunset pictures. Like this one below.

ISO 2500 23 mm 1/15 sec f11

One of the cities i like to visit is Haarlem. About 10 minutes by train of 15 minutes by car. A photogenic city with an old center. Full of delicious restaurants, small bars and boutique shops. Definitely a place to visit if you are planning to come to the Netherlands

I love to be creative and my creativity started with music before i started with photography. From a young age i made my own music started with a Amiga computer. I evolved and have my own music studio in m house. Sound is very interesting stuff. You can’t see it, A sound alone is nothing, but within the right notes and harmony, it can lite up your emotions. For me it is an amazing tool to express my emotions. A great place between creativity and technology. For me also a lonely process. Years i worked in my studio, alone, to be a great producer. I think i do a great job as an artist, but not on a commercial base. My music is part of my and sometimes hard to use it as a product.

I want to extend my creativity process. Get more involved with people who live a “normal” life instead of all those house parties and always the “happy” feeling. I am a very cheerful and energetic guy though. I want to have more contact with other people and to get easily in contact with them. To talk about live, the moment and so on.

In my daily job, i do work a lot with people and i love it. I am a Technology Consultant for a big lead in the Computer Infrastructure industry. A lot of technology, it is about money and emotions can be more of a problem, then useful. Working with customers is great privilege. So many different people, so many interests, so many politics. I learn everyday and i love that. 

Photography was always something i like to do. Most of the time on a holiday. I bought my first camera, a Canon 350D with a Sigma 18 – 300mm objective. I still have it and I still like it. Shoot some great pictures and of course, a smartphone brings so much possibilities. A smartphone learned me more about compositions and editing photos. 

What means photography for me?

I shooted more and more with my smartphone to express myself in an image. Totally different than sound. For me a possibility to be more socialwith other people. I wanted to get energy from other people, get in contact with other people, tell a story within the moment and share that moment with that person. This is what is have been looking for beside my love for electronic music. Close people around me said, you have to do more with your skills… so let’s do it!

What kind of photography suits me?

 A though question to answer. So many different styles like portrait, landscape, macro etc. The style i want to develop is a street photography (people & architecture). It feels great to get into the city, walk around look to all those different kind of people, with so many stories. Walking through a city with a camera opens your eyes and imagination on the way you look to that city or person who is living their lives. Waiting to capture that particular moment, that particular emotion while thought about the composition. When I got back home and upload my fresh shoot to my laptop, it feels like a young boy who just got a new present. Sometimes your so excited, other times disappointed. With the next step editing your photo’s another imagination process has started. Some disappointed photo’s can be marvelous after some edits. Time to share your work with the world! 

Another interesting part of streetphotograpy is to get close to people. It is easy to get your biggest objective and shoot people from a great distance. For me it is about getting close to someone and try to capture that sudden moment. Some people do not realize that they get photographed, other people are interested, while other people get angry and ask what you are doing. That was a moment that is is hard to get close to somebody. I realized that when i bought this amazing Fujifilm x100f camera.

In love

Every day i am doing something with photography. Shooting, talking, editing or sharing. These are your view of the world, of the beautiful people or structures. I just started my journey to become a valued photographer with the big dream to earn (some) money. Do I have enough talent? Do I get to know the people where you can learn from and get more familiar in the world of photography. I think i am in love with my camera

My goal

I have started this blog to share my journey to become a better photographer, working to a valued photographer. My goal is to earn my first money. Even better a professional who want to get in contact with me because of my work and even asks me to work together. It is a long journey ahead and I want to share this with you. I want to share my experience so you can learn from me and I want to learn from you. What is/was your journey and what  challenges have you overcome?


Starting with this journey comes with lot’s of new challenges. Like start a blog. I have never written blogs, started some, but never ended it. There was no passion, boring subjects. With photography and the road ahead give me so much inspiration to share this with you.

Thank you for your time reading my profile, my drive to start this. Let me share your thoughts!

All the best,